Clients Detail

Switching AVO

  • Switching AVO produces an extensive array of power solution products that adhere to international standards, catering to various sectors such as banks, corporates, healthcare, hotels, education, railways, defense, and more.
  • We created tailored software for overseeing the installation and upkeep of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), enabling clients to independently log service calls.
  • We have also customized the AVO service app to maintain the activities of allotted engineers for their respective ATMs.
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Loyaltician CRM

  • Loyaltician possesses extensive expertise in conceiving and overseeing loyalty programs and CRM for prominent hospitality enterprises in India.This application is ready to use and is designed to manage loyalty programs and customer relationship management (CRM) for hospitality companies.
  • It is also adaptable to suit their specific niches. We have developed different hotel CRMs for Loyaltician as third parties.
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Comfort E Surveillance Portal

  • ComfortTechno holds the forefront in security systems, particularly fogging security systems and other advanced electronic security solutions. They offer a range of services, including e-surveillance, alarm monitoring, energy management, IT consulting, and hosting solutions, throughout India.
  • We have a customized cloud-based monitoring system integrated with bank branches and ATMs. Along with that, we have a customized mobile application, which is an extension for maintaining the activities of all the allocated engineers for maintaining the ATMs.
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  • Stemnovate is a biotechnology startup headquartered in the UK that aims to ease challenges in the drug development and diagnosis industry. They focus on creating a safer, more cost-effective, and superior approach to drug discovery for humans.
  • They intend to reduce animal use in drug testing and develop more accurate systems and products for predicting correct human responses. We've created a personalized E-commerce website for their products with flowless billing and payment integrations.
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  • Sundrani Video World is a localized entertainment platform for movies and videos in the Chhattisgarh language. Sundrani has been involved in the music industry for decades, boasting an extensive catalog that spans a multitude of languages, encompassing the entire expanse of Chhattisgarh.
  • We created a mobile application with an intuitive interface and convenient search options, offering the ultimate features for local content.
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YosshitaNeha Fashion Studio

  • YNFS is a Mumbai-based fashion studio that offers an exceptional selection of ethnic wear and accessories for women, available for purchase with personalized service.
  • YN not only does custom design but redesigns your existing fabrics and gives them a trendy new look. We have developed this e-commerce website, giving it all the features to give its customers an excellent buying experience.
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Clear Secured Services

  • Clear Secured Services delivers security, facility management, and infrastructure maintenance and management to organizations throughout India.CSS is recognized as a leading provider offering a comprehensive solution for the maintenance requirements of corporations, IT parks, banks, office complexes, SEZs, malls, multiplexes, retail showrooms, hotels, clubs, hospitals, railways, and government infrastructure, all through a single window.
  • We created an ERP portal to centralize service management, focusing on bank ATM kiosks. Additionally, we designed customized software to handle diverse payment functionalities, such as paying electricity bills at ATMs, and numerous other features.
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SriShringarr Fashion Studio

  • Sri Shringar Fashion Studio is a prominent online clothing and accessories rental store in Mumbai catering to people who want to adorn stylishly for special occasions, such as weddings. They have the most recent assortments of attire and accessories and cost-effective rent choices.
  • We've created this e-commerce website customized with various top-tier features. Additionally, we've developed specialized point-of-sale (POS) software to handle purchase transactions on both the storefront and the backend.
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