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The agreement under which Client has licensed generally available software from SarMicrosystems.Software designated by SarMicrosystems as an application product on the Support Site. A calendar day Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays observed by SarMicrosystems. One or more procedures recommended by SarMicrosystems to avoid an Error or to mitigate the impact of an Error on the Client s business operations, including backing out to a previous Release or rebooting systems, SQL scripts, configuration changes and/or implementing a specific release of a third party software product. The SarMicrosystems client identified in the Agreement.

The date upon which SarMicrosystems no longer generally provides Support and Maintenance of a specific Version of the Software.Entitles Client to standard Versions, Releases and Service Releases in accordance with this policy when and if made generally available by SarMicrosystems to its clients that are current on support and maintenance fees.A programmatic correction to the Software, targeted to address a specific Error that has undergone limited or no regression testing. An update to the Software designated by SarMicrosystems. A Release will generally include minor improvements, functionality modifications, or Error corrections developed since the previous Release.

A Service Release will generally contain one or more fixes for recognized Errors.A number assigned by SarMicrosystems in accordance with Section 3.8 to a Client-reported Error with the Software.The generally available SarMicrosystems software product licensed by Client under the Agreement.Fees for Support and Maintenance applicable to the Software, including any Extended Support fees.SarMicrosystems is available to provide Support 24/7. SarMicrosystems s public website located at SarMicrosystems , or a successor URL designated by SarMicrosystems.Software designated by SarMicrosystems as a tool product on the Support Site. A new Version of the Software will generally include significant additional features, functionality, performance improvements, simplifications or improvements to the operator interfaces, and load capacity.

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Commitment For more than 2 years, SarMicrosystems has offered world class support for our products in an effort to afford you maximum value from your investments. Every day, a global team of highly skilled support professionals and software developers provides technical support to our Software Subscription and Support customers for the licensed SarMicrosystems software that runs their enterprise. SarMicrosystems s ability to provide help when you need it, across your entire covered SarMicrosystems software portfolio, is second to non

Believe Given the accelerating pace of innovation and change, it s important to know you can rely on your most trusted vendor to be there as you manage the systems that run your business. SarMicrosystems support is delivered through variety of support offerings, but in many cases our support comes to you via your annually renewed for Passport Advantage or through SupportLine agreements. Based on input from our clients, we re continuing to enhance our software support offerings.

Security Our policies and practices for supporting your success with our software are based on your feedback and follow our precept.